Bag-in-box wines are an environmentally friendly choice

Bag-in-box wines contain wines of the same quality as bottles – the only difference is the user-friendly and more environmentally friendly packaging. In addition to convenient carrying, another clear advantage is the shelf life of the opened package

This summer we offer Chill Out high-quality bag-in-box wines. You can try the fresh Shiraz-Rosé wine from California, a German Riesling, Australian Chardonnay or rich Cabernet Sauvignon, also from Australia. 

Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia

The opened bag-in-box wine maintains its shelf life for up to four weeks – in contrast to bottles, which remain good to drink for only a few days after opening. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a glass with a meal at any time or add the wine to food throughout a summer holiday. 

Organic Riesling from Germany
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