Buy 2 Kaski or Myrsky shots and get a free wooden "kuksa"

The ultimate offer! Buy 2 Kaski or Myrsky shots - or one of each - and get a free wooden "kuksa".

"Kuksa" is the Finnish word for a wooden cup, originating from a Sami tradition in the Nordic countries. Nowadays it is often seen among Nordic outdoor men & women who prefer it over modern, plastic cups.

Now you can secure yourself a kuksa by buying one of the following combinations:

Myrsky + Kaski bottles

For the explorers! Myrsky is a Finnish word for storm, where as Kaski means slash-and-burn cultivated land - a tradition of swiddening that was practised in Finnish forests for centuries.

Kaski + Kaski bottles

Try this if you'd like a smokey brandy taste.

Myrsky + Myrsky bottles

In Myrsky, the familiartaste of brandy comes together with a hint of oak and a touch of sharp spiciness. You can also find a coffee aroma typical for rum.

User instructions for your "kuksa"

  • It's ok to drink alcohol products from kuksa - but note, as coffee and other drinks, they may leave some tracks of flavour in the cup - that is normal.
  • Never wash your kuksa in washing maschine
  • When washing by hands, do not use any detergent
  • Ie. Clean your kuksa only with a wet tissue or rinsing with water
  • Detergents will get stuck inside the wood, and the drinks will taste bad
  • (Also, according to a Laplandish belief, you can loose your luck if you wash your kuksa. It is only allowed to rinse it in a mountain river.)

NOTE: If your kuksa tastes salty, it is perfectly normal. Salt is used to saturate the wood so that it wont leak or crack.


More information about the products

Kaski - A smokey brandy shot from Finland

Price: 12,90€ / 50 CL

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Myrsky - A spicy shot with a hint of oak

Price: 12,90€ / 50 CL

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