Special edition of Blossa Glögg available in ARKET stores

Blossa Glögg and Arket are bringing a special edition of Blossa Glögg to ARKET stores in seven countries in Europe for the winter season 2019. The co-designed special edition glögg will be available in the following ARKET stores: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Belgium.

Two Swedish brands that stand for Nordic design, high quality and sustainability will lead collaboration this Christmas season. Blossa is a traditional, Swedish brand from the drinks company Altia and ARKET is a store concept offering products for women, men, children and the home together with a café situated in all stores. The co-designed special edition glögg will be available in seven countries in ARKET stores: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Belgium.

Alcohol free & organic glögg

ARKET + BLOSSA Organic Alcohol-free Glögg is made of organic raw materials only: a genuine, but alcohol-free, rich red wine which is mixed with grape must and Blossa’s stored spice mixture. It has a fruity scent and a rich taste of cloves, cardamom and ginger.

German distribution will start November 14th, 2019 in

 Hamburg, Berlin and Munich stores





. The special edition is only available in Arket stores, not in webshops.

The product has a unique label – a drawing of a much-loved illustrator Ilon Wikland, who is interpreter of Nordic traditions and is known through her long collaboration with writer Astrid Lindgren.

Taste Blossa Glögg in Arket cafes

Shoppers also will be able to taste glögg in every ARKET café, which is a part of the shopping experience. In addition, a special seasonal bakery product will be available in the cafés: a soft gingerbread with Blossa glögg spices. The pastry is developed by Head Chef Martin Berg of ARKET and Chief Blender of Blossa Åsa Orsvärn.

Glögg is a cherished Swedish tradition since the 1800s and a defining ingredient of cozy December gatherings with family and friends. Blossa is Sweden’s most sold glögg and a symbol of Christmas. It is the number one glögg in Sweden and is also very popular in other Nordic countries.


Read more about Blossa Glögg here.

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